Master awards 

Master awards 2017–2019

Measures 1 a+b
Transition from Master’s program to doctoral program(s)

In order to organize and facilitate systematically the transition from Master’s programs to the doctoral phase, we would like to implement two measures: (a) Master Awards for “Mind and Brain” Master’s students (below), and (b) the expansion of our existing Travel Awards for international Master’s students (next page).

(1a) Master awards for students of the Master’s program “Mind and Brain”

Completion stipends

For students of the Master’s program “Mind and Brain” approaching their fourth semester of study, the Berlin School of Mind and Brain offers completion stipends. The Berlin School of Mind and Brain's intention is to fund the best students wishing to complete within “Regelstudienzeit” (prescribed period of study: 4 semesters). The aim is to allow five students to concentrate fully on the best possible completion of their thesis.

Aims: identify the best; heighten awareness for and support a more systematic preparation for the transition; improve chances of quick transition into doctoral phase by easing workload (from coursework as well as external jobs) of last semester of Master’s program; achieve better degree outcome through concentration on Master’s degree; make time for applications for doctoral programs and to scholarship agencies.

What is a Master award?

The Master Award is a six-month completion stipend of 600 Euro/month. The award also includes special courses in grant application writing and scientific presentation as well as mock applications and feed-back on project proposals.

Application deadline 2019

30 April 2019

Start of stipends 2019

May 2019 (till October)

Please note: If you have completed your study program, handed in your thesis and collected the ECTS necessary for a Master’s degree you will not have to matriculate again for the winter semester of 2019/2020 starting on 1 October 2019.

Who is eligible to apply in 2019?

  • “Mind and Brain” Master’s students of cohort 2017, i.e. students who are at the start of their 4th semester (4. Fachsemester/Regelstudienzeit)* at the time of application,
  • Students with no more than 10 ECTS still missing,
  • Students who plan to complete their degree within six months of registering for the thesis (by 30 April). The scholarship will run for 6 months (May - October) to support thesis writing and ease the transition to the next phase of the career. Please note: Additional income from student jobs or scholarships will have to be declared to Annette Winkelmann and discussed.

*If you feel or know that you are entitled to declare mitigating circumstances for a delay in completing the four-semester “Mind and Brain” Master’s program, you should contact us.

Application requirements

  • Transcript,
  • Month-by-month time plan / schedule / chart until completion of degree,
  • Copy of registration for Master’s thesis (this is only possible if no more than 10 ECTS are still missing),
  • Two-page proposal for Master’s thesis project (the same document you hand in to register your thesis).

How to apply

Please hand in your application in electronic form (preferred option!) in one pdf file named YourName_MasterAward.pdf to:

or on paper (e.g. delivered to the Master coordinator's office in Luisenstraße 56, R. 318).

Surface mail should be addressed to: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Annette Winkelmann, Luisenstraße 56, 10099 Berlin.


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