19 December 2007 , 18:30

Distinguished Lecture Series: Marc Jeannerod (Lyon)

“A cognitive neuroscience approach to the self”

The general problem I will address in this paper is twofold. First, I will ask the question of how the self builds up as an independent entity. Second, I will try to understand how we differentiate ourselves from other selves. These two questions are the main objectives of the recently expanding field of “Motor Cognition”. As I will argue, motor cognition offers different possibilities for approaching the problem of the self, whether one considers the self from its own perspective (the “selfish” side of motor cognition), or from the perspective of the interaction between two or more selves (the “interactive” side of motor cognition). The self/other differentiation is the gateway to social communication, because communication between two selves requires that they both understand each other and remain distinct from one another. Professor Dr. Marc Jeannerod, Institut des Sciences Cognitives, Lyon, France

Reference: M. Jeannerod (2006), Motor Cognition. What actions tell the self. Oxford University Press Distinguished Lecture Series Programme 2007 (pdf 72 kb)
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Annette Winkemann

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Hörsaal Ebene 3 der Poliklinik (Lecture Hall Level 3)

Alte Nervenklinik (Clinic for Neurology)

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