Management / Geschäftsstelle

Since we are working partly from home we may not be able to meet you in person in Luisenstraße 56 (building open: Mon–Fri 8.00–20.00).

Please write an e-mail and leave a telephone number or make an appointment if you need to meet in person.

Managing director (Geschäftsführerin)

Overall operational responsibility
Finance, personnel & contracts, scholarships, grant applications & reporting, committees, admission doctoral program, website

Luisenstraße 56, Room 301 (second floor)
Tel. +49 30 2093-89750

Master’s program “Mind and Brain”

Dr. Dirk MENDE
Coordinator, Master’s program “Mind and Brain” and doctoral education program
Contact person for student research positions (SHK) and lab rotations
Luisenstraße 56, Room 318 (second floor)
Tel. +49 30 2093-89768
Students in the process of applying use this e-mail:
Other queries:

Registrar (student administrator)
Luisenstraße 56, Room 318 (second floor)
Tel. +49 30 2093-89769

Administrative support
Luisenstraße 56, Room 302 (second floor)
Tel. +49 30 2093-89760


IT support

Sascha BAUER
IT Manager (Mondays & Tuesdays in person, remote on Fridays)
Luisenstraße 56, Raum 302 (second floor)
Tel. +49 30 2093-89772


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