Master “Mind and Brain” (M.Sc. / M.A.)


The English-language “Mind and Brain” program incorporates the innovative research conducted by the members of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain into an interdisciplinary teaching and education master’s program. The master’s program “Mind and Brain” thus acquaints students with the most up-to-date approaches to and results of neuroscience research as well as their bearing upon the fields of psychology, philosophy, neurolinguistics, neuroscience and cognitive science. 

Since the main fields of research conducted by the Berlin School of Mind and Brain – such as Decision Making, Perception, Attention and Consciousness, Language and the Brain, Brain Plasticity and Lifespan Ontogeny, Brain Disorders and Mental Dysfunction and Social Cognition can only be worked on in conjunction with different disciplines, the teaching program systematically demonstrates how interdisciplinary knowledge can be usefully employed in tackling questions related to specific fields of study.

The master’s program is aimed at students holding bachelor degrees from the fields of psychology, philosophy, (theoretical) linguistics, biology, cognitive science, and neuroscience (Admission).

The master’s program “Mind and Brain” offers students three different areas of specialization: (1) neuroscience, neurobiology or psychology, (2) philosophy or psycholinguistics or (3) academic management (German required!).

Depending on the chosen area of specialization, the degree awarded at the end of the course may be a Master of Arts, M.A. (Track Mind) or a Master of Science, M.Sc. (Track Brain).

This page last updated on: 10 May 2023

Master’s Program Scientific Coordinator
Professor Dr John-Dylan Haynes

Master’s Program Coordinator
Dr Dirk Mende
Tel. +49 30 2093-89768

Postal address:
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Berlin School of Mind and Brain
10099 Berlin

Luisenstraße 56, 10117 Berlin
Room 318 (2nd floor, North Wing)