Timeline admission process 

Timeline admission process

The application period for the master program Mind and Brain is over. The application deadline was 31 May 2024.

Students can not apply after this deadline anymore. Applicants also cannot turn in documents Uni-Assist or Humboldt-Universität found missing in their applications after this deadline. We are sorry but incomplete applications will not be considered.

All applications will be processed in several steps and by several people. Applicants can follow the processing steps in their online application accounts. We appreciate if applicants let us process their applications without double-checking with us via email during the application process.

Applicants can expect to receive the final admission results by mid to end of July 2024.

We can not inform individual applicants earlier, even if they have deadlines for other applications. All applicants will be informed at the same time via their online application accounts.

Good advice for international applicants: International applicants should make a visa appointment as early as possible. International applicants can ask for a visa appointment as soon as they received the notification from Uni-Assist that their application has been forwarded to the university. Please make an appointment for early August. For the appointment itself you will need the admission notification, applicants will receive by end of July at the latest.

Please, do not wait for the admission notification to apply for a visa appointment! In many countries visa applications take weeks, even months. If applicants apply for a visa appointment only after the admission notification the chances are high they won’t make it to Berlin by the start of the semester. Students should try to arrive for the beginning of the teaching period which is October 7th.


This page last updated on: 06 June 2024

Master’s Program Coordinator:

Dr Dirk Mende
Tel. +49 30 2093-89768

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