Alumni grants 

Alumni grants 2017–2019

Measure 3
Transition from a postdoctoral position to the next career stage

M&B has built up an alumni network of currently 75 doctoral alumni and approx. 25 postdoctoral alumni (January 2019).

As most of our doctoral alumni work in renowned institutions in Germany and abroad, the doctoral alumni network stretches from Germany to Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Brazil, the USA, and Canada. Many are interested in returning to research facilities in Berlin, or would like closer institutional research relationships, or closer cooperation with Berlin-based scientists. Such contacts can play a decisive role in further career successes and moves. Thus, this is an area where we would like to support our doctoral and postdoctoral alumni. At the same time, our alumni will serve as contacts and bridge builders for Master’s students, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers currently based in Berlin.

Aim: Doctoral alumni foster their contacts in the Berlin-based network (former supervisors or colleagues, current doctoral candidates); promote common research projects; prepare for next career move; M&B gives alumni access to all scientific meetings; alumni visits create additional contacts for Master's students, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers at M&B; promotes alumni as bridge builders with information about current home institutions, fields of activity, careers; doctoral candidates get access to lab rotations at institutions abroad, research topics, international research institutes.

What's on offer?

Support for 1−3-month visits in Berlin, also intermittent (flexible implementation in support of family-friendly policies) of up to € 2,500 per month; own workplace; research infrastructure in M&B’s own labs; child-care support and family room.

Who is my contact?

Annette Winkelmann,

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Who is my contact?

Annette Winkelmann